Analogika Production House

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Support My Film

Support my film is made by film makers for film makers allowing them to diffuse, promote and finance their work. Many short films, documentary or animation work despite a good quality quickly vanish in...

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Ponudba / We offer

YOU NEED A VIDEO? MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE WITH ANALOGIKA! Beside its artistic activity in the short film field, Analogika offers solutions for all your video projects. From preparation, filming, editing to distribution, we...

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Support My Film/Support

Welcome to SMF!     Here is the user guide/help/support for SMF. Ask us something by leaving a comment bellow. If you don’t know what is Support My Film, please click here prior to creating...

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At work…

Today we were cooking! Hard to work when it smells so good but well we managed!

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Introducing CamDolly Cinema System

When you think about cheap gear and especially dolly, you just wonder how much quality you will need to scarify to fit your budget. Every independent filmmaker dreams about the perfect product. A tool...

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Welcome to our webstation!

Please take a few minutes to browse around and check out our work! And if you need a highly talented crew for your projects, please don’t hesitate to contact us!