Author: Thomas Aymard



  Dokumentarni film Eno ni nobeno je pripoved o pivskih rokodelcih. Je filmski dokument o vseh tistih, ki ljubijo preplet naključij, ljubezni in znanosti; je testament o človeški vztrajnosti, o prizadevanjih malih (mikro, nano ali craft)...


Shooting the documentary “Nevidni spomeniki”

    Nevidni Spomeniki is a documentary directed by Igor Vrtačnik and shot by Analogika’s tandem Thomas Aymard and Miha Umek with the televison crew for RTV (National Slovenian Television). The narrator and presenter...


Ponudba / We offer

YOU NEED A VIDEO? MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE WITH ANALOGIKA! Beside its artistic activity in the short film field, Analogika offers solutions for all your video projects. From preparation, filming, editing to distribution, we...


New camera: Sony A7S

We were looking for a long time, a candidate to replace our old friend (canon 600D). Today we just landed on an A7s. As soon as we got it, we put our Samyang lenses to make the...


Bye bye 2014… Happy 2015!

Bye bye 2014… Happy 2015!   2014 was a great year for Analogika and you know what? 2015 looks like it will be even better! This year we presented “Failsafe” on 3 festivals so...


Support My Film/Support

Welcome to SMF!     Here is the user guide/help/support for SMF. Ask us something by leaving a comment bellow. If you don’t know what is Support My Film, please click here prior to creating...



Here you can see the documentary we shot for RTV:   V deželi herojev, ali Kam so šli vsi narodni heroji? ©RTV Slovenija 2014 Director: Igor Vrtačnik D.P & camera: Thomas Aymard 2nd Camera: Miha...



Here you can see what we did in the field of promotion, commercials…     O’Mami line: